Thursday October 11, 2012
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Hotel Okura Heian

Over 200 million people worldwide are unemployed, with double-digit jobless rates in many European countries and in many emerging markets. Youth unemployment and long-term unemployment are at alarmingly high levels. At the same time, countries are searching for a new model of growth that is inclusive and not dependent on financial excesses.

The seminar brought together economic leaders from various regions and global institutions to discuss policy options for fostering job creation and inclusive growth. The focus was on the role of macroeconomic and labor market policies, and on the international coordination of polices to manage the effects of a global marketplace for jobs.

Key questions addressed included:
  • In the near-term: what policies can move growth closer to potential? Would recovery in growth also promote recovery in labor markets? If growth prospects remain weak, what policies can ease the pain in labor markets?
  • Over the medium term: Does the world need a new growth model? Can inclusive growth provide a new growth framework for the post-global crisis era? Can finance be harnessed to serve the common good? How can countries avoid the resource curse? Can we avoid a global competition for jobs?

Panelist(s):Montek Singh Ahluwalia , Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, India
Anders Borg , Minister of Finance, Sweden
Sharan Burrow , General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation, Belgium
Min Zhu , Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Moderator(s):Sara Eisen , Correspondent, Bloomberg Television, United States

Organized by:Prakash Loungani, Research Departmen - International Monetary Fund