Wednesday September 21, 2011
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
HQ1 Auditorium R-710

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The financial crisis has created new challenges for the youth worldwide. Amongst the most pressing issues for youth are jobs. In many parts of the world, the youth unemployment rates are alarmingly high, leading to social unrest. The challenge for policymakers is to create a conducive macroeconomic environment for sustained growth - that generates jobs and opportunities for the young generation. In formulating the right economic policies, policymakers should consider the views and perspectives of youth leaders. The Youth Dialogue: Where are the jobs? Generation Y asks is a platform for the IMF to listen to youth concerns about the current global financial situation and their future.

Key questions addressed included:
  • How does the young generation perceive the financial crisis and its effect on unemployment in their regions?
  • What challenges do young people face in securing meaningful employment?
  • What is the Fund's perspective on how countries should promote stable economic growth that will lead to increased employment opportunities for the young generation?
  • How does the young generation envision their future?

Panelist(s):Kariuki Gathitu , Founder, Zege Technologies, Kenya
Brent Gensler , President,
Samar Mezghanni , Activist, Tunisia
Nikola Panduric , President, Youth Network, Croatia
Nemat Shafik , Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Moderator(s):Tsepiso Makwetla , Anchor, South Africa Broadcast Corporation (SABC), South Africa

Organized by:Karla Chaman and Tilla McAntony, External Affairs Department- International Monetary Fund

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