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We encourage IEG website visitors with general questions about the World Bank, to first visit the Bank's general Help/FAQ website.

Click here for a complete, print-friendly FAQ listing. If you can't find the help you need, please contact us. To view questions please click on the "" symbol (twisties) next to each category.
Show details for 01 IEG Mission/Independence/Structure01 IEG Mission/Independence/Structure
Show details for 02 Historical Overview02 Historical Overview
Show details for 03 Work Program/Budget/Staffing03 Work Program/Budget/Staffing
Show details for 04 IEG Contributions/Influence/Support for Bank Activities04 IEG Contributions/Influence/Support for Bank Activities
Show details for 05 IEG Evaluation Strategy/Tools/Approaches05 IEG Evaluation Strategy/Tools/Approaches
Show details for 06 Evaluation Capacity Development06 Evaluation Capacity Development
Show details for 07 Evaluation Training07 Evaluation Training
Show details for 08 Descriptions/Searches/Disclosure of IEG Documents08 Descriptions/Searches/Disclosure of IEG Documents
Show details for 09 IEG Help Desk Services09 IEG Help Desk Services
Show details for 10 Other10 Other
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