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June 7, 1995

Venezuela: National Parks Management Project (Loan 3535- VE)

The Implementation Completion Note on the Venezuela National Parks Management project (Loan 3535-VE) has been reviewed. The Note was prepared by the Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office.

The loan was withdrawn as the Loan Agreement was not signed within eighteen months of Board approval. The period involved, November 17, 1992 to June 8, 1994, was one of considerable political crisis in Venezuela. Errors were made in the initial authorizing legislation and it was not possible to complete the requisite approval process for revised legislation within the required time. The project has not been rated.

The principal objective of the project was to strengthen key organizations responsible for the management of the Venezuelan national park system. The project was to support expanded funding for the management of 31 areas (national parks, national monuments and wildlife refuges), programs of environmental research and education, and a program of measures to strengthen the relevant institutions. Despite the withdrawal of the loan, the agencies have proceeded to implement a program of measures with funding based on local budgets at a level of about 20 percent of that planned. A revised project, based largely on the original design of the National Parks Management project, has been appraised.

The completion note provides an adequate account of the project. No audit is planned.

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