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Implementation Completion Report (ICR) Review - Technical Support and Investment Project for the Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances

1. Project Data:   
Project ID:
Project Name:
Technical Support and Investment Project for the Phaseout of Ozone Depleting Substances
Pollution Control / Waste Management, Environment
L/C Number:
Partners Involved:
Prepared By:
Andres Liebenthal, OEDST
Reviewed By:
Ridley Nelson
Group Manager:
Gregory Ingram
Date Posted:

2. Project Objectives, Financing, Costs, and Components:

The principal objective was to assist Hungary in the phaseout of ODS consumption in a cost effective manner. Specific components included:

(i) technical assistance to strengthen the capability of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) to manage and oversee the phaseout of ODS;
(ii) establishment of a national nework for recovery, reclamation and recycling (3R) of refrigerants (CFC-12 and CFC-11);
(iii) funding the incremental investment and operating costs of specific subprojects for the phaseout of the consumption of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
Total project costs of $8.1 million were financed by a GEF grant of $6.5 million, and counterpart funds of $0.05 million from the Government of Hungary and $1.5 million from the participating enterprises.

3. Achievement of Relevant Objectives:

The objectives of the project were fully achieved.

4. Significant Outcomes/Impacts:

The MOE established a project implementation unit and technical advisory group that provided technical advice to the participating enterprises, and set up an effective ODS monitoring system. A national 3R network was successfully established and is being operated by the Hungarian Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Enterprises Association (HRACA). The use of primary CFCs was phased out through adoption of new cost-effective CFC-free technologies by the twelve participating enterprises.

5. Significant Shortcomings (include non-compliance with safeguard features):

An upsurge in illegal imports of CFCs make it difficult to predict the future performance of the 3R scheme, which is operating far below capacity, although it is financially viable for the present. This project had very limited supervision during its initial years, with up to 14 months between supervision missions, but this does not appear to have affected the outcome.

6. Ratings:ICROED ReviewReason for Disagreement/Comments
Highly SatisfactoryHighly Satisfactory
Institutional Dev.:
Bank Performance:
Highly SatisfactoryHighly Satisfactory
Borrower Perf.:
Highly SatisfactoryHighly Satisfactory
Quality of ICR:

7. Lessons of Broad Applicablity:

The official ban on ODS trade from 1996 has led to an upsurge in illegal trade in ODSs, both imports and exports, which undermine the objective of phasing out ODS use and the financial viability of the 3R scheme. As a consequence, the MOE is currently studying a project to train and equip customs officers to identify ODSs and effectively control their smuggling, which is believed to be a feasible task. Since this problem was also observed in connection with ODS Phaseout projects in other countries, and could potentially recur with similar future programs involving trade restrictions, (e.g., in connection with a proposed phaseout of persistent organic pollutants), it would seem desirable to include such enforcement components from the start, rather than waiting till the damage has begun.

8. Audit Recommended?  No


9. Comments on Quality of ICR:

The ICR provides a well-written overview of the implementation experience of the project, with a good analysis of the evidence needed to evaluate the relevance, cost effectiveness, efficacy, institutional development impact and sustainability of the project, and Bank and Recipient performance. Excellent statistical tables provide detailed monitoring indicators, a comprehensive sectoral context, for the outcome of the project, and a sound basis for monitoring and evaluating the future impacts of the project. The Recipient's contribution is impressive.

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