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Implementation Completion Report (ICR) Review - National Agricultural Services

1. Project Data:   
Project ID:
Project Name:
National Agricultural Services
Cote d'Ivoire
Agricultural Extension, Agriculture
L/C Number:
C2636; CQ086
Partners Involved:
IFAD, ADF (France)
Prepared By:
Charles Derek Poate, OEDST
Reviewed By:
Jock R. Anderson
Group Manager:
Roger H. Slade
Date Posted:

2. Project Objectives, Financing, Costs, and Components:

Objectives: (i) streamline and decentralize the organization of the agricultural services; (ii) enhance the role of the Ministry of Agriculture in policy making and supervision of agricultural development; and, (iii) increase farmers' participation in the policy making process.

Components: (i) institutional restructuring of three parastatal extension services into a single, decentralized, agency and the revamping of the Ministry of Agriculture; (ii) operating support to the new agency; (iii) institutional strengthening of the Directorates of Administration and Finance, and Planning and Programming in the Ministry of Agriculture and the sub-Directorate of Adaptive Research of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Higher Education.
Costs and financing: The total project cost was US$ 90 million (US$ 44.6 million at appraisal) of which the Bank financed US$ 20.5 million (US$ 21.8 million at appraisal) through an IDA Credit. Co-financing of US$ 6 million (US$ 1.9 million at appraisal) was provided by IFAD, and the French Development Fund (AFD) provided US$ 5.2 million (US$ 5 million at appraisal). The credit was approved on September 12, 1994 and was closed on December 31, 1997, six months after the originally planned date. Final disbursement took place on June 4, 1998, at which time the undisbursed balance of SDR 1.53 million was canceled.

3. Achievement of Relevant Objectives:

Within three years, an efficient extension agency was established and the project was able to involve farmers' organizations and the private sector in the management of extension services, thereby increasing quality and lowering cost. In addition, substantial progress was made in strengthening some key activities in the Ministry of Agriculture.

4. Significant Outcomes/Impacts:

During project preparation a decentralized National Agricultural Services Agency was established and contributed substantially to the successful implementation of the project. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture performed extremely well in monitoring and evaluation and co-operative support.

5. Significant Shortcomings (include non-compliance with safeguard features):

Procurement was a source of substantial delays early on due to slow national processes and untimely responses by the Bank. The lower than expected skill level of extension staff made it necessary to invest much more in training than was planned.

6. Ratings:ICROED ReviewReason for Disagreement/Comments
Institutional Dev.:
Bank Performance:
Borrower Perf.:
Quality of ICR:

7. Lessons of Broad Applicablity:

(i) Simultaneous restructuring and support to agricultural extension and research institutions may significantly improve the cost effectiveness of the adaptive research components of agricultural service projects. (ii) Initiating restructuring during project preparation (with PPF funding) and making it a condition of effectiveness can be instrumental to the success of institutional reform.

8. Audit Recommended?  No


9. Comments on Quality of ICR:

The ICR was generally satisfactory but did not include any comments from the two co-financiers. Furthermore, there was much evidence of sloppy production, e.g., in the Statistical Tables, Bank and Borrower performance and project outcome were rated as "Unlikely" due to careless presentation.

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