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Transport Prices and Costs in Africa: A Review of the International Corridors
Published by Washington, DC:World Bank,c2009


Main Theme - major: Infrastructure, Transport, and Urban Development Transportation

Physical Description :  Book - xvi, 145 p.

Publication Date: 2009

ISBN Number: 978-0-8213-7650-8

Call Number:ITUTR


Transport prices for most African landlocked countries range from 15 to 20 percent of import costs. This is approximately two to three times more than in most developed countries. It is well known that weak infrastructure can account for low trade performance. Thus, it becomes necessary to understand what types of regional transport services operate in landlocked African nations and it is critical to identify the regulation disparities and provision anomalies that hurt infrastructure efficiency, even when the physical infrastructure, such as a road transport corridor, exists.

Transport Prices and Costs in Africa analyzes the various reasons for poor transport performance seen widely throughout Africa and provides a compelling case for a number of national and regional reforms that are vital to the effort to address the underlying causes of high transport prices and costs and service unpredictability seen in Africa.

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