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Agricultural extension: the training and visit system
Published by The World Bank


Main Theme - major: Agriculture and Rural Development

Physical Description :  Book - 55p.

Publication Date: 1977

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Call Number:PIC 01 (ARD)


This book distills a decade of experience in some forty countries. It contains guidelines for reform of agricultural extension services along the lines of the training and visit system. The central objective of this book is to make the most efficient use of resources available to governments and farmers. This is achieved through encouraging and facilitating feedback from farmers to research workers through extension personnel who visit and advise farmers on a regular, fixed schedule, thus helping research to solve actual production constraints faced by the farmer. This book explains the complex relationships in training and visit extension and draws attention to the range of considerations that are important to implementing the system. It also presents an overview, gives exhaustive and detailed guidelines for all the operational and institutional aspects of the training and visit system of agricultural extension and explains extension's role in agricultural development.

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