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At Loggerheads? : Agricultural Expansion, Poverty Reduction, and Environment in the Tropical Forests
Published by World Bank, Washington, DC, USA

Language: English

Main Theme - major: Agriculture and Rural Development

Physical Description :  Book -

Publication Date: 2006

ISBN Number: 978-0-8213-6735-3

Call Number:msk-rur-028


Despite the vast number of books and reports on tropical deforestation, there's confusion about the causes of forest loss and forest poverty, and the effectiveness of policy responses. <p><i>At Loggerheads</i> seeks to describe ways to reconcile pressures for agricultural expansion in the tropics with the urgent needs for both forest conservation and poverty alleviation. It diagnoses the causes and impacts of forest loss and the reasons for the association of forests and poverty. It looks at how policies - modulated by local conditions - act simultaneously on deforestation and poverty, creating tradeoffs or complementarities, depending on the situation. The report brings to the surface problems that impede adoption of favourable policies, describing institutional and technological innovations that might help overcome these impediments.

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