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Confronting AIDS: public priorities in a global epidemic
Published by washington, d.c.: the world bank, oxford university press,


Main Theme - major: Health Nutrition and Population

Physical Description :  BOOK - xxv, 353 p.

Publication Date: 1997

ISBN Number: 0-19-521117-0

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Call Number:HEA-HIV 2


This book argues that the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS can be overcome. It draws from three bodies of knowledge: the epidemiology of HIV, public health insights into disease control, and public economics. The report argues that AIDS is a large and growing problem and that governments can and should confront the epidemic by preventing new infections and by mitigating the impact of infections that occur. It finds that some policies will be much more effective than others in reducing the spread of HIV and mitigating its impact, and it provides the framework to help distinguish among activities that can be undertaken by household and the private sector, including nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), those that should be initiated by developing country governments, and those that should be most strongly supported by the international development community.

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