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National Strategy of Economical, Political and Cultural Development of Turkmenistan to 2020 (08/2003)
Prepared by:
Government of Turkmenistan

Prepared for:

Document Type:
National Transport Policy Paper

General/Economic, Infrastructure/Network

Modal Theme:
Non-Transport Specific



    The National Program aims to transform Turkmenistan into a dynamically developing strong power capable of achieving high levels according to world indicators of socio-economic development and providing high living standards to its population. There are three priority tasks: (i) to achieve the level of developed countries and preserve its economic independence and security which will be attained through high speed of economic growth, introduction of new technologies and production as well as increase of labor productivity; (ii) to increase steadily a gross production of goods per capita; and (iii) to attract a high investment and increase constructions of industrial objects.

    Approved and accepted by resolution of the joint session of the XIV State Council of Elders of Turkmenistan, the Popular Assembly and Movement of National Revival "Galkynysh" on August 15, 2003.

    National Program Turkmenistan upto 2020 transport  and communications.doc

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